Why advertise on television

According to the report "Television Year in the World ", the French research institute and the German Institute survey on media "Goldmedia ", and based on the tests performed in 73 countries, a statistic adult viewer spent 187 minutes a day in front of a TV set in 2008. Preferred were feature films, television series and local programs. Report says that residents of North America spend the most time in front of the television set: 284 minutes per day. In Europe it is 215 minutes.

Television is a power in advertising. No other form of advertising, such as radio, press or Internet, does reach the user as intensely as television advertising. An image and sound absorbency claims nearly 70% of the audience, compared to the image OR sound only.

The advantage of television is its growing credibility, as more viewers believe in what they see with their own eyes, and not just hear, as on the radio. Advertising can exaggerate on television. Television advertising is the most popular mean of promoting products and services.

The significant development in the advertising market and the dynamic development of satellite earth stations in the U.S. have been noticeable in recent years. Today, television has a global scope and reaches virtually every consumer, combining attractive effects, motion, light, video and audio. Therefore, in order to be successful, television advertising can not be ignored in the clients’ market.

Statistical data, audience, scope.

Demographics of the Polish community in the USA*

W USA zamieszkuje 9,050,122 people of Polish origin reside in the U.S
2,759,129 people speak Polish.

No. U.S. states the most populated by Polish people Number
of Polish people
Audience Polsat2
U.S. States
1. New York 958,893 14%
2. Illinois 946,241 22%
3. Michigan 900,335 7.5%
4. Pennsylvania 855,526 8%
5. New Jersey 591,347 4%
6. California 496,588 5%
7. Wisconsin 481,779 6%
8. Florida 430,138 6.5%
9. Ohio 404,557 3%
10. Massachusetts 349,998 2%
  Other U.S. states 2,634,720 22%

*Data provided by study prepared for the Polish American Congress, based on the latest Census