1. The most popular "Polish Super Pack with Euronews”, price: $ 39.99 per month
  2. With the purchase of the "Polish Super Pack" you will receive free installation and equipment
  3. 3. Every month a new laptop will be drawn among new customers (details of this promotion are

JIf you want to keep track of news, events and entertainment in Poland, we recommend purchasing Polish television packages. Dish Network is currently the only satellite platform that provides access to Polish language television channels. Polish programs are available in four packages. Details of the offers, promotions, and the rates are on the


Activation: To get connected to Dish Network, client must provide the SS number, address, and telephone number. Only the last four digits of the SS can be entered. Client must provide a credit card number to get promotions and free equipment and installation. The card will not be charged, it is used to secure transaction.